Understand your unique energy blueprint.

Human Design unveils your inner compass (your inner authority) and your natural way of moving through life (your strategy). By understanding these, you can learn to make decisions with greater clarity and attract opportunities that align with your true self.

Inner compass

Natural way of moving through life

Make decisions with greater clarity

My Name is Tah Groen

I help you understand your unique energy blueprint (based on Human Design principles) and guide you through practical steps to vibrate at a higher frequency to discover your true self.

Feeling frustrated and stuck? longing for fulfilling relationships, healing from past hurts, and attracting the love and recognition you deserve? It's possible by raising your frequency and saving thousands of dollars on traditional counseling.

I don't just care about Human Design. I truly care about you.


60 Magic Minutes TO Loving Yourself

It's easy with Human Design! In a one-hour session, I will share your

Energy Type, Strategy, and Inner Authority (decision-making style).

Knowing these secrets will help you deeply love and accept yourself with a sense of compassion you never knew you had.

Human Design Coaching (12 wks)

Overcome blocks, attract love & clear decision-making. Yoga, Breathwork & frequency upgrades empower you to thrive! Learn more & design your dream life.



Our conversations spark something in me that is helping me to better understand what’s going on inside me and around me. And it’s so wonderful! I absolutely love it!


Thank you so much for the incredible reading!! It made a big difference in how I show up (and my internal dialogue!).

Jane Doe

After years in a job that didn't fulfill me, I decided to make a career change. [Your Career Coach] was my guiding light through this transition.